Antibody Recruiting Molecules (ARM™) are bispecific molecules that recruit endogenous antibodies to target cancer, virally infected cells, and disease-causing microorganisms for immune-mediated clearance. Similar to biologics, ARMs directly engage the immune system to destroy disease cells by connecting target disease cells with components of the immune system. ARMs are engineered as modular components that are readily interchangeable, giving the platform tremendous flexibility for a variety of indications and therapeutic areas.

BHV-1100 is being studied to provide antigen target specificity to natural killer (NK) cell therapies with the goal of enhancing efficacy and safety in the combination treatment of multiple myeloma.

BHV-1100 Binds CD38 and Ig to Create a Targeting Therapy to Kill Multiple Myeloma Cells

Biohaven BHV-1100 - CD38 Antibody Recruiting Molecule (ARM)+Autologous NK Cell Combination Therapy

BHV-1100 Enhances Recruitment of NK Cells and Increases Killing of Multiple Myeloma Cells

Bhiohaven BHV-1100 - Enhances recruitment of NK cells and increases killing of multiple myeloma cells