As CEO of Biohaven, I am proud to lead a modern pharmaceutical company that is so deeply dedicated to alleviating the burden of human disease and improving lives. Our commitment to patients means so much to us, inspiring us to be audacious with our goals and driving us to be agile and inventive in fulfilling our mission. Our team proudly challenges the status quo – mindful that real medical change comes from disruptive, transformative progress; not short-term, incremental gains. We aspire to win with science, which means we resiliently follow the path of scientific innovation to uncover and advance life-changing treatment for neurological and neuropsychiatric diseases, including rare disorders.

We know the important work we do comes with great responsibility – not just to the patients that count on us, but to the investors who are instrumental to our success. While we are pleased with our track record in developing therapies that have changed millions of patients’ lives and created robust shareholder value, we know that new and different challenges lie ahead. Our team is poised and ready to draw upon our accomplishments and maximize the potential of our unique business model to continue our growth trajectory.

At Biohaven, we think and act differently! My optimism for what we can achieve is truly boundless. The potential of our science and medicine, paired with our deep compassion for patients and fearlessness in the face of adversity, is unmatched. I like to call it the “Biohaven Way” of doing business, but really it is the result of every member of our team, who day in and day out make our bold mission possible.

Vlad Coric, M.D.

Vlad-Coric CEO

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer